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  • Use Google Maps to optimize your commutes

    Use Google Maps to optimize your commutes

    In October 2017 I started a new job. For more than a year I had to commute by car every week from the north of Bavaria to Hamburg (Germany), because we decided that the family will stay at the old house for about year. Each trip is about 530 km, so 1060 km every week.…

  • Simple HTML/Javascript countdown

    Simple HTML/Javascript countdown

    For an internal event inside our company we needed countdown, showing how much time is left until the event starts. Since where are an international company, I had to take care of the different timezones. Here is my simple piece of code, that could be used inside any webpage, without any additional resources or libraries.…

  • About Me

    About Me

    This page is all about learning some new web technology, web design and some search engine optimization, nothing more. By this, I will share recent projects and think they are worth to share publicly.

  • Amazon Instant Prime on Apple TV 2

    Amazon Instant Prime on Apple TV 2

    Update: Since October 2015, Amazon changed many things and added DRM to their content. With this update, you cannot watch videos anymore, using the plugin. You can follow the discussion here. I have tried a lot of different streaming services in the last couple of years. Of course iTunes, WatchEver, Maxdome and some more. Th…

  • Nice GIMP Theme!

    Nice GIMP Theme!

    Found a nice GIMP theme, which fits fine to my Graphite to my Hackintosh. Check it out: Thanks to Andrew Pullins!