Category: HTML /CSS

  • Simple HTML/Javascript countdown

    Simple HTML/Javascript countdown

    For an internal event inside our company we needed countdown, showing how much time is left until the event starts. Since where are an international company, I had to take care of the different timezones. Here is my simple piece of code, that could be used inside any webpage, without any additional resources or libraries.…

  • jQuery/Html Fullscreen & Page In/Out Example

    jQuery/Html Fullscreen & Page In/Out Example

    This is the combination of these two posts: FullScreen and Fade In/Out. Check out the download:

  • jQuery Example how to fade in / out a page

    jQuery Example how to fade in / out a page

    jQuery gives you a very easy api to fade in and out a page. This examples consists out of two html files. Download and unzip the files, open one of the files in your browser. First the pages fades in, after a couple of seconds it fades out before a redirection to the other files…

  • HTML5 / CSS fullscreen demo

    HTML5 / CSS fullscreen demo

    This is a demo to show the possibilities for fullscreen applications in HTML5 / CSS. I’ve published this example, because none of the online examples covered exactly my needs.