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  • Blender Instance – new Version 1.12

    Blender Instance – new Version 1.12

    Blender Instance enables you to open as much as blender applications on OSX as you like. Install Blender in /Applications like always, download Blender Instance and install it. That’s it!

  • Realistic looking Earth (v 2.0)

    Realistic looking Earth (v 2.0)

    This is an update of my previous post. Details I’ve worked on: – Sun: Added a lens effect– Stars: Instead using the internal blender feature is was using a HDRI image. You can download the .blend from Blendswap:

  • Blender: Multi-Instances on Mac OSX (Update)

    Blender: Multi-Instances on Mac OSX (Update)

    Based on my recent post I would like to provide Blender Instance as Download. Just install into your applications folder. Don’t forget to install Blender from as well (needs to be installed into /Applications). Download the Application:[download id=”251″]

  • Blender: Multi-Instances on Mac OSX

    Blender: Multi-Instances on Mac OSX

    Coming from LInux or Windows, it is hard to understand why it is not possible having multiple Blender instances running. For a certain period of time I was using a shell script, to start multiple instances of Blender. The best way is using the “open” command. Open a terminal. You can do this by browsing…

  • Cycles Chair

    Cycles Chair

    Another Rendering with Blender/Cycles. This was the template: Download:

  • Animated Flag

    Animated Flag

    Played around with wind and cloth in blender. You can download at blendswap:

  • Realistic looking Earth

    Realistic looking Earth

    Again, I followed a tutorial from Blenderguru. Additionally to the original tutorial, I added some stars in the background using a wallpaper. The stars feature in den World-Settings made the stars flicker when I was moving the camera. That is a known bug in Blender which isn’t fixed for years. And, I was adding something…

  • A spicy Glas of Water

    A spicy Glas of Water

    A little update to my previous post. Added a peperoni inside the glas. Download .blend:

  • A Glas of Water

    A Glas of Water

    Amazing what the newest Blender builds with Cycles are capable of. It is so easy to create realistic scenes. I grapped my version from graphicsall. This glas of water is 100% done with blender – even the water. No textures from fotos or anything else. Download the .blend file: