Docker: nextcloud-fpm updated!

I wasn’t really maintaining the iamklaus/nextcloud:fpm image. Frequently I received questions if I ever will maintain the fpm version at all. YES! All your requests motivated me to do this. So, use the image:

The fpm docker image comes it the same feature as the apache version does. Enjoy!

By the way: with the latest release all dependent AI image recognition libraries are updated, too (eg dlib).

6 comments on “Docker: nextcloud-fpm updated!”

  1. Justin says:

    Hello iamklaus. I have to say I was trying to build my own nextcloud fpm docker image while including things for face recognition. I was struggling. I then stumbled upon your image. Thanks so much! It really helped.

  2. ffsray says:

    which face-recognition version should I use? if 0.7.2 then it says [Column “oc_facerecog_persons”.”is_valid” is type Bool],but when I upload version 0.8.3 then it says [php version must lower than 7.4], and I am confused.

  3. ffsray says:

    I move facerecognition folder to custom_apps and enabled, but after a lot work then I found version 22.2.0 can not work fine, suggest upgrade and add some version tags will be welcome,now there is only latest and fpm. And the document should add more about “occ:face setup” or at least add a link to “”.

  4. ffsray says:

    Finally, I found how to upgrade nextcloud in container and made facerecognition worked, wrote in chinese and posted here:, maybe u can take a look with google translate.

  5. Kraken says:

    Thank you for keeping this image updated.

    1. iamklaus says:

      Your welcome!

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