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Generation X, nerd with a love for marketing, design and home improvement. I love testing every kind of technology, especially the ones that makes my daily live and marketing job significantly easier. Follow me on instagram.

Shelly 3EM, a photovoltaic system and HomeAssistant: Measuring electricity consumption correctly on a net basis

For whom is this description? Changelog 2023-07-03: Why can’t I see directly in the Shelly 3EM how much power I have fed in? Basically, it must be said that the Shelly 3EM does everything correctly and you can see the electricity that is fed in technically correctly displayed. However, this is not true “billing-wise”. Because …

Shelly 3EM, a photovoltaic system and HomeAssistant: Measuring electricity consumption correctly on a net basis Read More »

Docker: nextcloud-fpm updated!

I wasn’t really maintaining the iamklaus/nextcloud:fpm image. Frequently I received questions if I ever will maintain the fpm version at all. YES! All your requests motivated me to do this. So, use the image: The fpm docker image comes it the same feature as the apache version does. Enjoy! By the way: …

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Simple HTML/Javascript countdown

For an internal event inside our company we needed countdown, showing how much time is left until the event starts. Since where are an international company, I had to take care of the different timezones. Here is my simple piece of code, that could be used inside any webpage, without any additional resources or libraries. …

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About Me

This page is all about learning some new web technology, web design and some search engine optimization, nothing more. By this, I will share recent projects and think they are worth to share publicly.

Using custom fonts in WordPress Avada Theme

I love WordPress and I love the Avada Theme. Avada gives me tonnes of options to build a nice website in all my projects. But there is one thing that I don’t like: Fonts customization! In this post I will show you how you can replace the font theme wide.

Live healthy – for 19,50 Euro

In todays homes, the quality of the air is very poor. Homes are getting more and more tight. Because we want so save energy and take care of the environment, we install windows that don’t allow air exchange when they’re closed. Sounds stupid, because windows should be tight, that’s what we want. But modern windows are …

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Amazon Instant Prime on Apple TV 2

Update: Since October 2015, Amazon changed many things and added DRM to their content. With this update, you cannot watch videos anymore, using the plugin. You can follow the discussion here. I have tried a lot of different streaming services in the last couple of years. Of course iTunes, WatchEver, Maxdome and some more. Th …

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